Brainstorm Squared Podcast

The logo for brainstorm squared. The words "brainstorm" in all caps in blue text with a superscript 2 to represent "squared". Half of Damiano's face and half of Aidan's faces are on either side of the logo with both of their shoulders touching in the middle with a plain white background. Both faces are in black and white with a slight smile on each of their faces. Damiano is looking far more handsome than Aidan is as always!
Brainstorm Squared

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A link to my wonderful co-host Damiano Tescaro's gorgeous website!

Hey friends, I’m super excited to let you know that our podcast, Brainstorm Squared, is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Damiano Tescaro and Aidan Cammies are here to chat about how our ancient brains work in our modern world! Don’t let the serious looking picture fool you, we’ll be going on plenty of light-hearted, tangent-filled adventures and would love for you to join us :)

We started this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to remind us that we’re all unique and imperfect human beings with lots of messy emotions and that it’s normal to not feel great all the time! We’ll be chatting openly about our mental health and learning more about our heads whilst discovering new tools and techniques to find better, and happier ways of approaching work and life! :)

Originally this podcast started internally at Red Hat but now we’re going global so please follow/subscribe wherever podcasts are found and drop us a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy it!

We’re still learning (we all are) and trying to constantly improve and we can’t do that without your feedback! Please get in touch with us on instagram: @brainstormsquared or email us at

Thank you so much for reading, we really hope that you enjoy listening and find something useful in these words! If you do, please pass this on to another friend but most importantly remember, it’s okay not to be okay! :) Lots of love, Aidan and Damiano